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Consular Functions


What our Consulates can do for you:

  • Grant visas to foreigners wishing to visit Bolivia.
  • In case of loss or theft of documents the Consulate can grant a safe-conduct in order to return to Bolivia.
  • Issue passports upon verification of your personal identification card.
  • Provide guidance on legal, social and notary issues.
  • Provide informational support and seek medical advice for injured citizens.
  • Inform family or friends about any accidents, death, natural catastrophes and provide the appropriate counseling.
  • In case of unnatural causes, request information to local authorities.
  • Try to communicate to family or friends in case of an emergency.
  • Assist Bolivian nationals being held in detention or in prison, and upon request, inform their families.
  • Ensure de legal defense of Bolivian citizens, advising them in the access to an attorney.
  • Request information and whereabouts of Bolivian citizens to local authorities in case of legal, humanitarian or family emergency requirements.
  • Protect the interests and rights of Bolivian minors and the disabled.
  • Issue travel authorizations to minors under the consent of both parents (or the holder or holders of parental authority).
  • Provide Civil Registry and notary services, legalization of documents, communications or referral to agencies and organizations in Bolivia.
  • The provision of consular services is governed by the current Consular Fees.


What our Consulates can’t do for you:

  • Process any type of American visas.
  • Get Bolivian citizens a job in the USA.
  • Be a party in litigations or other jurisdictional proceedings.
  • Sponsor lawsuits on behalf of Bolivian nationals.
  • Waive American legal regulations.
  • Ask for special or different treatment to the one afforded to American citizens in prison or under detention.
  • Loan money, pay fines or bills.
  • Provide plane tickets or means to return to Bolivia.
  • Provide employment, grant work permits, or become a guarantor or surety.
  • Perform the tasks assigned to travel agencies.

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