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Bolivian Amazon

The Bolivian Amazon, is located in the northern part of Bolivia, extending across 70% of the country and encompasses the departments of Beni, La Paz and Pando. It is approximately 656 and 820 feet above sea level and is inhabited by a wide variety of flora, fauna and indigenous cultures that still preserve their ancestral ways.

The Bolivian Amazon is one of the greatest treasures of global biodiversity. It is characterized by the existence of native ethnic groups that coexist with exotic and wild animals (jaguars, monkeys, caimans, anacondas, macaws, pink amazon dolphins, capybaras, tapirs, and others). This virgin forest is a spectacular explosion of color and giant trees, lush plants and exotic flowers.

The mayor tourist attractions in the Bolivian Amazon are Rurrenabaque, the cities of Trinidad, Riberalta and Guayaramerín, Lake Tomichucua and Cachuela Esperanza.


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