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Cretaceous Park

The Cretaceous Park exhibition is the result of the union of the amazing findings of a unique site in the world and the scientific rigor of a group of paleontologists leading artists specialized in this field.

More than 24 life-size replicas, which include 12 species of dinosaurs that lived toward the end of the Cretaceous period can be found here.

Cal Orck'o, is the world's largest site of dinosaur tracks, the layers containing the tracks are located in the El MolinoFormation of the Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) geological age.

It is the only site that concentrates the footsteps of a wide variety of dinosaurs that lived at the conclusion of the Cretaceous period. It has a unique combination of size, geological importance, biodiversity and social behavior of dinosaurs from this period.

Around 5055 individual dinosaur tracks from at least 8 species and 462 continuous traces are combinedand remain unscathed in this 4.800 feet long and 352 feet high cliff.


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